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REMOTE, NJ · Information Technology
NorthHill Technology Resources has opportunities for Senior .Net Developers for a 3-month project to customize an existing Tax Technology Application.  This is a remote opportunity.  We are looking for expertise in the following:

Backend: .NET, C#, SQL
Front End: Javascript, HTML, CSS

Ideal candidates will have experience in the following:
Microsoft .NET And C# Understanding of the following concepts: 

  • Imperative OOP programming with emphasis on component-oriented design and architecture
  • The Model-View-Controller Architecture and ASP.NET MVC 4+
  • Domain Object Modeling SQL Server Ability to design and develop data-model-driven systems using SQL Server 2012 and T-SQL with understanding of the following concepts: 
    • Relational data modeling • Developing business logic with imperative T-SQL (stored procedures, scalar functions, multistatement table functions)
  • Developing business logic with declarative T-SQL (inline table-valued functions, views, CTE’s, etc.) • SQL Server Transactions • T-SQL Error Handling • XML support in SQL Server 
  • Working knowledge with SQL Server Service Broker is a major plus.
  • JavaScript Understanding of the following concepts: 
    • Prototypal inheritance • Functions as objects • Closures • Dynamic object-oriented development patterns (no classes) • Pub-Sub Eventing • Module pattern (immediate function) • Class-simulation (Klass pattern)
  • Web Development Experience on an AJAX web application with understanding of the following technologies/concepts: 
    • HTML 4 (5 is a plus) • CSS3 • Single Page Applications (SPA) 
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