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Dulles, VA · Information Technology


Our client, a fast-growing Federal Integrator, is seeking an iOS Developer with a Top Secret clearance (you can join the project with a TS or higher clearance and over time will be upgraded to TS/SCI + Poly applicable to this customer) to join one of thier top projects in Dulles, VA.  

The team writes CNO software for mobile devices (both Android and iOS) as part of a larger program providing multi-platform support of ongoing operational missions. On some projects in the IC/DoD, you don't see how your work is being used.  This project is very different - you get to see the software you write get put into action.  You know who is using it, on which missions, and what impact your work is having. You have a ringside seat to the action. The work is very close to the devices and the hardware/software interface. You'll find mobile devices, embedded systems, linux kernels, OS internals, networking, etc.  Languages used depend on the specific operational mission being supported and often include, C, C++, Python, and JavaScript.  Overall, there is room for a LOT of creativity in how to solve problems. The team is exceptional - both the government staffers and the contractors are highly-skilled, and the team is unusually well-managed.  It is fast-paced, with turnaround times being measured in weeks, but without the knee-jerk changes of focus that some projects have. The culture is about doing high-quality work that leads to successful missions: each Engineer's work is visible, so you won't work with any slackers. On-the-job learning is encouraged: as an example, a strong low-level Software Engineer joined the team without much mobile experience, and the team invested time and energy to spin them up on Android and iOS internals so they could become a strong contributor. The team regularly adds CNO Tool Developers, O.S. Internals Developers, Vulnerability Researchers, Reverse Engineers, Mobile Exploitation experts, and Test Engineers with experience developing custom test automation scripts for mobile devices.  

Work on this program takes place in the Dulles, VA area (we cannot support remote work) and requires a TS clearance, (you can join the project with a TS or higher clearance and over time will be upgraded to TS/SCI + Poly applicable to this customer).


We are in need of an iOS Developer to join our team to solve real-time cyber challenges. Looking for individuals who enjoy working on a mission-focused team that works very closely with our end users. Duties include: design custom software tools and techniques for the Apple iOS platform; be responsible for end-to-end design and development of custom software; diagnose and debug issues using both COTS and GOTS tools; have a firm understanding of how networks work; develop documentation pertinent to operating and supporting developed software and techniques; mentor and lead junior-level developers to accomplish mission objectives; and solve real-time cyber challenges.

Required Skills:

  • 3 years developing, testing and debugging Python and C
  • Reverse engineering iOS or MacOS apps in ARM or X86
  • Developing proof-of-concept exploit software
  • Working with version control software such as git

Desired Skills:

  • Understanding of CNE techniques and methodologies on MacOS or iOS
  • Objective-C, Swift or C++ programming
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment with ever-changing requirements.
  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science preferred.
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